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Centrelink Entitlements


All the social security material contained in this section was prepared by the former Welfare Rights Unit.

It focuses on issues and payments of particular interest to people with chronic illnesses. There are over 30 Centrelink payments, so seek independent advice (see ‘Independent advice and assistance’ ) about other payments not covered here.

It is essential that you lodge a written claim for most Centrelink payments. You have a right to lodge a written claim for any and every payment you think you may be entitled to, though you will not necessarily be able to receive multiple payments.

  1. Can I get a Centrelink payment if I have a chronic illness?
  2. What are the main Centrelink payments available to people with a chronic illness?
    Newstart Allowance / Youth Allowance
    Sickness Allowance
    Disability Support Pension
  3. Concession cards and mobility allowance
  4. What medical issues may affect your dealings with Centrelink?
  5. Dealing with Centrelink
  6. Common problems for chronically ill people
  7. Activity Tests
  8. Preparing for Work Agreements
  9. Penalties
  10. Social security appeals system
  11. Appealing to Social Security Appeals Tribunal
  12. Independent advice and assistance
  13. Where to get more information