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School Strategies

Overview of strategies for schools

A whole school approach Information to assist a school community to be well-informed regarding diabetes is available from Diabetes Australia Victoria, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the young person’s Diabetes Nurse Educator. While the aim of students, parents and the school is that students self-manage their diabetes, schools should work with parents and the students to establish an emergency plan that includes emergency contact numbers, an action plan specific to the individual and the school’s role in an emergency. This should be in accessible place.

As with all serious illnesses, establishing good communications and rapport between teachers, parents and students is a first step to ensuring that the student self-manages their diabetes and has someone responsible to call on in the event of needing help. For younger children, a teacher may need to have knowledge of snack times as well as having on hand a supply of appropriate snack foods to assist in dealing with low glucose level episodes.

Teachers should also have knowledge of any medications that need to be administered during school times.

A safe environment for storage and administering medication should be available.

A student should be encouraged to approach a staff member if they feel unwell and have a higher than normal blood sugar level.

Link(s) to other useful online resources for schools on strategies in responding to a child/young person with this condition


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Children with Diabetes, an USA based on-line community for kids, families and adults with diabetes, provides infromation, chat rooms and support: www.childrenwithdiabetes.com

The American Diabetes Association provides comprehensive information about all aspects of diabetes, including school -based diabetes care, and interactive opportunities to obtain on diabetes: www.diabetes.org