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School Strategies

Overview of strategies for schools.

All schools are encouraged to become an Asthma Friendly School. An Asthma Friendly School is one that adopts and works towards strategies that actively support the whole school community in the management of asthma. Call the Asthma Foundation of Victoria for information about becoming Asthma Friendly, or visit the Asthma Friendly Schools website www.asthmafriendlyschools.org.au

To care for a child with asthma all schools should endeavour to:

  • Adopt the Victorian Schools Asthma Policy 4.5.7 of Victorian Government Schools Reference Guide. Click here for a pdf version of this policy.
  • Always ensure there is a written Asthma Action Plan for each child with asthma kept in a central location. This will help all school staff to know how to recognise worsening asthma symptoms, how to treat them quickly and when to seek medical help. Click here for the Asthma Action Plan for School Use.

There is also a School Camp Asthma Action Plan. There are 2 forms for this plan, one goes out at the start of the year, and the other is to be returned the day before camp. The second form tells the school if the student has been unwell and/or had an asthma attack in the last 2 weeks, and therefore may be more prone to experiencing asthma whilst on camp.

School Camp Asthma Action Plan FORM 1

School Camp Asthma Action Plan FORM 2

Know how to carry out Asthma First Aid:

Follow the 4 Step Asthma Emergency First Aid Plan below:

Step 1: Sit the person upright and give reassurance.

Step 2: Without delay give 4 separate puffs of a blue reliever (Airomir, Asmol, Bricanyl, Epaq or Ventolin). The medication is best given one puff at a time via a spacer *. Ask the person to take 4 breaths from the spacer after each puff of medication.

Step 3: Wait 4 minutes

Step 4: If there is little or no improvement, repeat steps 2 and 3.

If there is still little or no improvement, call an ambulance immediately (Dial 000) and state that the person is having an asthma attack (call an ambulance at anytime of the 4 step plan if you are concerned about the person’s condition). Continuously repeat steps 2 and 3 while waiting for the ambulance.

*Just use the puffer on its own if you don’t have a spacer.

Asthma First Aid posters are available to display in suitable locations around your school. To order your copy please phone The Asthma Foundation of Victoria (03) 9326 7088 or email schools@asthma.org.au

Link(s) to other useful online resources for schools on strategies in responding to a child/young person with this condition

The Asthma Foundation of Victoria has a HelpLine available Monday to Friday, from 9:30am to 3:00pm.

If you have any asthma related questions ring 03 9326 7088, or toll free 1800 645 130.

Asthma at School for School Staff: a multi-page brochure available here in pdf version

Asthma: take control; great tips for teenagers; a multi-page brochure available here in pdf version

My Asthma: a multi-page brochure aimed at 8-9 year old children available here in pdf