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Further Resources

Organisations, including services and resources available

Hepatitis C Victoria
Suite 5, 200 Sydney Road
Brunswick 3056

Phone: (03) 9380 4644 HepCinfoline: 1800 703 003
Email Address:  admin@hepcvic.org.au
Internet Address: www.hepcvic.org.au

Hepatitis C Victoria provides information, education, support, advocacy and representation for people affected by hepatitis C. Hepatitis C Victoria also offers training services to health care workers and others in the community. It provides a monthly support group for people affected by hepatitis C and provides referrals to groups run by other services. By becoming a member, people receive Good Liver, the quarterly newsletter of the Council, the opportunity to participate in the organisation, and updates of all written information resources.

Resources Available:

Body Art Kit for school nurses.
Body Art Posters
‘What is this hep C thing?’ CD
“Impact”: A general booklet on hepatitis C suitable for all the family.
A range of booklets, brochures, pamphlets, and fact sheets on the many aspects of life with hepatitis C.

Hepatitis  Australia

The peak body for all the state organisations,  Hepatitis Australia provides an informative website including online resources about hepatitis C.

Education Resource Centre

The Education Resource Centre at The Alfred is a statewide resource centre for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and Sexually Transmissible Infections for the Victorian community (Australia). Community members can order research articles online.

Phone:  (03)  9276 6993
Web: http://www.hivhepsti.info/

Positive Counselling HIV/ Hep. C

This service is for people with HIV and/or Hepatitis C, their families, the people they live with and the people who support them. For more information contact:

The Williams Road Family Therapy Centre

3 Williams Rd
WINDSOR Victoria 3181
Phone: 95302311 Fax: 95294469
Email: info@positivecounselling.org.au
Web: http://www.positivecounselling.org.au/

Reading, including links to downloadable documents

Hepatitis C Victoria website http://www.hepcvic.org.au

Hepatitis Australian website http://www.hepatitisaustralia.com/

Education + Resource Centre website  http://www.hivhepsti.info/