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Recent Presentations

July 2018


Sahema Saberi, University of Melbourne Understanding of mental health in young Hazara refugees and asylum seekers in the south east of Melbourne.

Amelia Tauoqooqo, practice nurse at cohealth Working with Asylum Seekers and Refugees in community health.

Refreshments from Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

(No presentations available from this session)

March 2018


Julius Ting. Medication Support and Recovery Service; we can help. Presentation coming soon!
Dealing with addiction problems
Accessing health care services to achieve personal goals
Needs of refugees and asylum seekers to assist the pain associated with trauma.

Carrington Health provides a peer support group run by people with lived experience and recovery from alcohol, medication and other drug use. A place for people to support and encourage one another to make positive life changes. Everyone welcome to join the group at Carrington Health including those having trouble with prescribed drugs and over the counter medications. For more information call 1800 931 101.

Marina Hanna MPS: Secretary of the PSA VIc Harm Minimisation Subcommittee. See her powerpoint presentation Chronic_illness_alliance_talk
Resources from PSA. See the National Drug Strategy Household Survey 2016.
Refer to page 77 for an easy guide to the misuse of pharmaceuticals including opioids.

Lea Kewish Occupational Therapist
Resources on effective therapies to manage chronic pain.  See under Chronic Disease Self-Management Special Interest Group Resources page.

November 2017

Dr Tim Woodruff presented on the value of the Basic Income Guarantee for health and welfare. See a version of his presentation here

October 2017

Obesity special! Our forum featured Rosemary Calder AM Director of Australian Health Policy Collaboration, Victoria University speaking about policy changes needed at the Federal level to address obesity. Check out the resources here. Watch the video

Mary Henley-Collopy discusses the needs of people with disabilities with regard to obesity issues

Alison Mcaleese, Campaign Manager of LiveLighter, Cancer Council Victoria. Watch the video    Check out the resources here.

Mary Henley-Collopy, Disability Advocate. Watch this video!  People with disabilities need help too: access to physical exercise for people with disabilities.

August 2017

Andrew Hanson, General Manager Workforce Development of South Eastern Melbourne PHN updated primary care health care workers on the role of PHNs in health care delivery. See his presentation Chronic Disease Alliance 24082017

Mindy Allot, Access & Inclusion Project Manager HealthWest Partnership presented on health literacy and social inclusion, an innvoative project undertaken to assist agencies better meet their clients’ needs. See her presentation Chronic Disease Self-Management presentation_Health Literacy and Community Participation

Video Presentation Andrew Hanson

Video Presentation Mindy Allott

July 2017

This July we held a special forum to focus on older people and financial counselling as a recent report from RMIT demonstrates that the well-being of older people is undermined by stress around finances. While this report focussed on older people in residential care our forum presented the issues that are faced by older people in the community. The presentations focussed on identifying financial distress and its possible causes such as financial abuse or rising costs. Resources are available to primary care professionals to assist their patients deal with these issues, such as referrals to financial counsellors or the Social Security Rights Network. We also heard a presentation on the present difficulties people face in receiving Centrelink services, especially advice and assistance in applying for DSP. This is where a referral to the Social Security Rights Network should assist.

See the power point presentations below;

Raelene West  RMIT: Financial counselling RWest 2017

Bernadette Pasco Financial Counsellor: HEALTH AND FINANCIAL COUNSELLING PPT BPasco

Susanne Baxandall Diabetes Victoria: 2017_18_07_Financial counselling and diabetes_final

June 2017

Our April meeting was held over until June, for a variety of reasons so we held a bumper session on the needs of older people in the community. Lots of food for thought in this one!

Sharon Porteous from Inner Eastern PCP presented on the extensive report undertaken by the PCP on the needs of older people in the Eastern suburbs to remain in their own homes. The full report is on our homepage

Danyel Walker and Nives Zerafa presented on the issues faced by some 4.8 million Australians-not all of them elderly-who have continence problems. Continence Australia has resources available in 30 languages which primary health care professionals can download to use with their clients. Health professionals are also welcome to contact the foundation for advice when working with people. Head to the website

February 2017

RDNS Research Unit and the RDNS CALD Resources Program

Dr Dianne Goeman presented on the primary health care research undertaken by RDNS Research. Rosemary Draper present on the excellent resources developed by RDNS to assist CALD community members. These resources are available for all to use. Check out the website

October 2016

New strategies and resources in successful diabetes management

  • Diabetes and emotional health: a handbook for health professionals supporting adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • Diabetes peer support in Australia: a national survey

Presented by Ms Jennifer Halliday and Dr Jessica Browne, Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes. For resources visit the ACBRD website

August 2016

Strategies to strengthen diabetes self-management: meet ‘Laura’  virtual interactive diabetes coach.

Dr Mandy Cassimatis, My Diabetes Coach Project, University of Melbourne

Ms Susanne Baxandall, Advocacy Officer, Diabetes Australia-Victoria

Ms Elise Perillo and Ms Kelly Rossman, Community Program Team, Diabetes Australia-Victoria

June 2016

Peer Support Special!

This workshop presented tools and videos on peer support as an adjunct to chronic disease self-management

April 2016 

Victorian Active Ageing Partnership

Genevieve Nolan Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria

Presentation-VAAP-CIA SIG-160428-Abridged

Victorian Active Ageing Partnership Project Plan-Overview-151112

Check out the newsletter

March 2016 

Peer support: an adjunct to management of chronic illnesses

Developing a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of community based peer support: Christine Walker Chronic Illness Alliance

Evaluating community-based peer support programs

The Peer Support Network: its role in supporting and mentoring peer support programs. Esther Lim Health Issues Centre

10 March CIA SIG_PSN_Esther

 June 2015

Physical Activity and Older Adults: the new evidence

Presentation by David Menzies Physical Fitness Australia

February 2015

A Good Yarn: Cultural Sensitivity Training for Effective Work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. A workshop by Phyllis Lau, Dept of GP, University of Melbourne

October 2014

Horticultural Therapy: Presentation from Chris Reed Kevin Heinze GROW Centre

Horticultural Therapy: Presentation from Steven Wells Royal Talbot Rehab Centre

August 2014

Ageing Well: An onl-line program to assist older people access programs and support groups in their communities. Presentation from Christine Walker and Bel Harper

August 2013

June 2013

  • Mr Steve Brown, psychologist How mindfulness really works: its application to chronic illness

April 2013

  • Mr John Vernon Manager Centre for Adolescent Health: Health Self-Managment for Adolescents and Young Adults-challenges and solutions

February 2013

November 2012

  • Mr Rob Knowles AO present on the future of Victoria’s health system

October 2012

  • David Menzies presentation on physical fitness for people with chronic illnesses: part one and part two

August 2012

  • Julie Watson CEO North East PCP pesents on Peer support self-management models for chronic conditions in a primary care setting.

June 2012

  • Julie Watson CEO North East PCP pesents on Peer support self-management models for chronic conditions in a primary care setting. Warrnambool Victoria.

May 2012

  • Peer Support Network conference held at Multicultural Hub Melbourne

February 2012

Dr Phyllis Lau Dept of General Practice University of Melbourne. integrating cultural respect into services to improve indigenous health in metropolitan health services

December 2011

  • Ms Carol Bennett CEO Consumers Health Forum presents on consumer participation in the national reform agenda

October 2011

  • David Breen RTO Officer Arthritis Victoria presents on his previous work in UK chronic disease management and project with Arthritis Victoria to accredit is as an RTO in self-management.

August 2011

  • Daniel Donahoo and John Lawrence present Social media for health: new opportunities for partnerships between health professionals and services.

June 2011

  • Jessica Malcolm Darebin CHS. Working with ‘Hard to Reach’ groups. Jessica presents on her project to include groups of people who do not access health services routinely.

April 2011

WiiFit vs Kinect Xbox: A workshop to explore the use of these technologies in providing exercises to older or disabled people. Presenters: Kelly Bower, physiotherapist Royal Park and John Lawrence, consultant.

February 2011

October 2010

  • Peer support in chronic illness. The Craigieburn Arthritis Support Group has had a 20 year presence to help the Craigieburn community self-manage arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions. Members present their work and demonstrate how their partnership with Dianella Community Health provides better outcomes for the community and health services.

August 2010

  • Healthwise. Terry Harrison (Clinical Librarian) from RMH and Janet Wale (Cochrane Consumer Network) presented on helping consumers access good quality evidence-based information on the Internet. Go to Healthwise for further information

June 2010

  • Positive Ageing. A presentation on a self-management program developed by National Ageing Research Institute (NARI), Council on the Ageing (COTA) and Chronic Illness Alliance (CIA) for the Arabic and Vietnamese elderly. The attached powerpoints contain the introduction and key findings presented by Betty Haralambous of NARI. Christine Wilding (COTA) and Christine Walker (CIA) presented verbally.
    Key findings
  • Healthwise. Terry Harrison (Clinical Librarian) from RMH and Janet Wale (Cochrane Consumer Network) presented on helping consumers access good quality evidence-based information on the Internet. Go to Healthwise for further information

April 2010

March 2010

  • Chronic pain workshop in Shepparton. Updated workshop incorporating National Pain Strategy Report guidelines. Lea Kewish, occupational therapist.  See previous presentation below.

February 2010

  • ‘Empowering the client’: new course for nurses and allied health professionals that covers a wide range of topics including motivational interviewing, health coaching and health promotion. Presentation by Bruce Greaves, Benchmarque Registered Training Organisation.

December 2009

  • Launch of chronic illness and workplace discrimination webpages

October 2009

  • Narratives of chronic illness
    Presentation by Tina Campbell, RealTimeHealth. PhD candidate at the Centre for Health Policy, Programs and Economics, School of Population Health, University of Melbourne

September 2009

  • Chronic pain workshop in Warrnambool  Presentation by Lea Kewish, occupational therapist. Presentation below.

August 2009

July 2009

  • Consumer participation in chronic disease self-management: How far have we come? Presentations by Kate Silburn, La Trobe University

June 2009

April 2009

  • A model of transition from paediatric to adult services for young people with serious chronic illnesses.  Presentation by Felicity Sloman. (Presentation coming!)

February 2009

  • Consumer participation in chronic disease self-management: How far have we come? Presentations by Kate Silburn, La Trobe University and Mary-Ann Leithof, Polio Network and a discussion with panel of consumers (no presentation available).

November 2008

  • Health related quality of life research from Deakin University

October 2008

August 2008

June 2008

May 2008

  • The value of peer support in sustaining chronic disease self-management strategies. Held in Bendigo.
    Presentation by Sandra Leone of Diabetes Australia-Victoria and members of the Bendigo diabetes support group. (Sandra’s presentation below)

April 2008

  • Workshop to explore the viablilty of creating a Health Coaching Working Group. (No presentation available.)

February 2008

October 2007

August 2007

  • Living with multiple chronic conditions. A presentation by Ms Louisa Di Pietro of the Thalassaemia Society of Victoria.  (No presentation available)

June 2007

  • Presentation on consumer participation in chronic disease self-management programs. Workshop with Lauren Cordwell, Health Issues Centre.

May 2007

  • Presentation at Bendigo Community Health Service, Eaglehawk. Consumer participation in chronic disease self-management programs. Workshop with Lauren Cordwell, Health Issues Centre.

April 2007

  • Presentation at La Trobe Regional Hospital, Traralgon

Embedding self-management in systems of chronic disease care. Workshop with Naomi Kubina,

Health Active Partners.  (No presentation available).

April 2007

  • Consumer Involvement at Knox Community Health Service

Presentation by Kate Gilbert, Chronic Disease Program Manager, Knox CHS

  • Community partnerships in chronic disease care.

Presentation by Lara Watson, Royal Melbourne Hospital

February 2007

December 2006

October 2006

August 2006

July 2006

April 2006

August 2005

• Prasuna Reddy University of Melbourne and Susanne Baxandall, Diabetes Australia  [No presentation available]

April 2005

• Sandra Nolte, Melbourne University  [HEI-Q presentation April 2005]

February 2005

• Hal Swerissen and John Belfrage. Peer-led Self-Management of Chronic Illness Project

August 2004

• Jill Kelly, The Good Life Club Update  [Powerpoint Presentation]

June 2004

• Naomi Kubina. The Flinders Models of Self-Management in the Peninsula HARP Diabetes Program.  [No presentation available]

April 2004

• Amanda Weeks. Recruiting for Self-Management programs.  [No presentation available]  Melanie Hawkins. Evaluation techniques.

February 2004

• Lea Kewish and Geoff Tresise. A public speaking program for people with cognitive impairment  (MS Word document)

November 2003

• The COACH Program at St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Cardiology Unit  Margarite Vale and Michael Jelinek

September 2003

• Research, Evaluation and Quality Monitoring of Self-Management Program

Richard Osborne, Centre for Rheumatic Diseases, Royal Melbourne Hospital  (Email: richardo@unimelb.edu.au)

July 2003

• Evaluation of Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs

Amanda Weeks, Australian Institute for Primary Care, La Trobe University, Bundoora  (No presentation available)

May 2003

• Models of Chronic Disease Self-Management: A Presentation by John Norton and Peter Richardson of the Bendigo Stroke Support Group.  (No presentation available)

• A Presentation by David Menzies of the Good Life Club, Whitehorse Division of General Practice.  ( Download Adobe Acrobat Document )