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Organisations, including services and resources available

Haemophilia Foundation Victoria (HFV) is a member of Haemophilia Foundation Australia and provides education, support and advocacy for people with bleeding disorders. HFV also offers information and education to the wider community.

Haemophilia Foundation Victoria

13 Keith Street, Hampton East Victoria 3188
Phone 03 9555 7595
Fax 03 9555 7375
Email info@hfv.org.au
Executive Assistant – Andrea McColl
Communications Coordinator – Julia Broadbent
Web: https://www.hfv.org.au

Services include:

Information: books, booklets, brochures, articles, internet and video
Library: members can access this library free
Counsellors: 2 professional counsellors who understand haemophilia, bleeding disorders and associated complications (free service to members/individuals affected by bleeding disorders)
Speakers: Speakers are available free to community groups and schools around Victoria
Workshops: Workshops, seminars and conferences are held periodically and are advertised in the HFV newsletter
Newsletter: Contains information about bleeding disorders, treatment and associated complications, details of upcoming events, personal stories, services available to members and more. Quarterly.
Social events: Several events are held each year, including the Christmas Picnic, camps, golf group and other social functions
Peer support: Includes a Men’s Group (meets approx 8 times a year), Women’s Group (meets annually), Golf Group (meets every few months) and a Youth Group (meets occasionally).
Subsidies: HFV subsidises ambulance subscriptions, SOS talismans, MedicAlerts and some reference books. Details printed in Newsletter or contact the office.

Helpful Resources

While some material may be available from your library, we suggest you ensure it is recent as haemophilia care has progressed considerably over the past few decades.

Getting the Facts: Haemophilia, Arthritis and Your Student, 1999, Haemophilia Foundation Australia (booklet)

Haemophilia, 2000, Haemophilia Foundation Australia (booklet)

Haemophilia Information for Schools, 2003, Leah Lonsdale, Haemophilia Foundation Victoria

Teacher Information Pack, 2003, Haemophilia Foundation Victoria (pack)

The Student with Haemophilia, 1995, Haemophilia Foundation Australia

What Do You Know About Haemophilia?, 2002, Haemophilia Foundation Australia (poster)

Boys will be boys. A guide to sports participation for people with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders, 2005, Royal Children’s Hospital Physiotherapy Department & Henry Ekert Haemophilia Treatment Centre, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (booklet)

Health Direct information on Haemophilia https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/haemophilia