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Who Can I go to for Advice and more Information?

The Chronic Illness Alliance recommends that as well as contacting the agencies listed below, you also contact the foundation or agency associated with your health condition (click here for a list of Chronic Illness Alliance members). Many of these agencies have trained, experienced staff who may help resolve your complaint by working with your employer to better manage your situation and working conditions.


The advisory agencies listed below are in alphabetical order. You may want to ring more than one agency for an opinion depending on your situation and the advice they give.

AED Legal Centre

AED represents people who have problems that relate to their disability or health condition in the areas of employment, education and training. It is a free state-wide service.

AED Legal Centre
Suite 4, Level 5  2–26 Elizabeth Street  Melbourne Vic 3000
Ph: 03 9639 4333
Fax: 03 9659 2833
Email: noni.lord@aed.org.au
Web: www.aed.org.au

Disability Discrimination Legal Service

The Disability Discrimination Legal Service is a community legal service that gives free legal advice and support in relation to all disability discrimination matters.

Disability Discrimination Legal Service
Level 2  247–251 Flinders Lane  Melbourne Vic 3000
Ph: 03 9654 8644
Fax: 03 9639 7422
TTY: 03 9654 6817
Freecall: 1300 882 872
Web: www.communitylaw.org.au/ddls


JobWatch is an employment rights legal service that provides free and confidential telephone information and referral to Victorian workers in relation to rights at work.

Melbourne residents: 03 9662 1933
Country Victorian residents: 1800 331 617
Monday–Friday: 9.00 am–5.00 pm
Closed Tuesday: 12.00 noon–2.00 pm
Web: www.jobwatch.org.au

Wesley Employment Services

Wesley Employment Services (WES) assists people who experience significant barriers to obtaining & maintaining employment. WES offers a program called ‘Job in Jeopardy’ which offers support to anyone who is likely to lose their job due to their medical condition or disability. They work with both employers and the clients to come to agreement.

Wesley Employment Services
267 High Street  Preston  3072
Ph: 03 9416 8699
Email: jobs@wesleyemployment.com.au
Web: www.wesleyemployment.com.au

Australian Council of Trade Unions (Unions Australia)

Unions provide their members with industrial advice on wages, conditions and other rights in the workplace (including regarding discrimination). To find out what union covers you in your workplace and to join, contact the ACTU Unions Australia service:

Call: 1300 4 UNION (1300 486 466)
Email: unionsaustralia@actu.asn.au


The following agencies can provide additional information about disability discrimination and discrimination generally.

Mental Health Legal Centre

The Mental Health Legal Centre provides free and confidential advice to any Victorian who has experienced mental illness and has legal problems relating to their mental illness.

Mental Health Legal Centre
9th Floor  10–16 Queen Street  Melbourne Vic 3000
Advice Line: Melbourne residents: 03 9629 4422
Advice Line: Country Victorian residents: 1800 555 887
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 3.00 pm–5.00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 6.30 pm–8.30 pm
Web: www.communitylaw.org.au/mentalhealth

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

Level 3  204 Lygon Street  Carlton Vic 3053
Telephone: 1300 891 848
Enquiry Line: 1300 292 153
Facsimile: 1300 891 858
TTY: 1300 289 621
Email: information@veohrc.vic.gov.au
Web: www.humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au

Australian Human Rights Commission

Level 8, Piccadilly Tower
133 Castlereagh Street  Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone: 02 9284 9600
Facsimile: 02 9284 9611
Email: paffairs@humanrights.gov.au
Web: www.hreoc.gov.au

Excellent online resources

Using disability discrimination law   

Go to www.legalaid.vic.gov.au/xfw/cl.uddls.pdf

[Joint Authors: Victorian Legal Aid, Disability Discrimination Legal Service and Villamanta Legal Service.]

Disclosing disability in employment

Go to www.humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au

Click on ‘Publications’, then ‘Disclosing Disabilities in Employment’, then ‘Disclosing Disabilities in Employment – Guidelines for people with a disability and their advocates’

Good practice, good business: Eliminating discrimination and harassment from your workplace

Go to www.humanrights.gov.au/employers

View left hand side menu, click on ‘What is discrimination and harassment?’

Choosing your path, Disclosure: It’s a personal decision

Go to http://pubsites.uws.edu.au/rdlo/disclosure

Disclosure of disability for the interview

Go to www.jobaccess.gov.au/JOAC/Jobseekers/Getting_work

View left hand side menu, go to ‘How to prepare for and attend interviews’, click on ‘Disclosure of disability for the interview’

Building eQuality in the workplace [This is a very helpful guide for carers]

Go to www.humanrightscommission.vic.gov.au

View left hand side menu, Click on publications > employee guidelines > family responsibilities guidelines

Office for Disability

The Office for Disability is a government department created to put disability on the agenda across the Victorian Government. It is a good link for more information.

Go to www.officefordisability.vic.gov.au