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Do I Have to Disclose the Fact that I Have a Disability or Health Condition?

When applying for a job, you do not have a legal obligation to disclose the fact that you have a disability or health condition, unless the disability or illness will affect your work performance or your ability to perform the ‘inherent requirements’ of your job (See ‘What are inherent or genuine and reasonable requirements?‘).

Similarly, you do not have to disclose your disability or health condition when you have been offered the job or while you are employed.

The obligation to disclose your disability or health condition may change during your employment if your work requirements change or your disability or health deteriorates. In these situations, you will be protected from unlawful disability discrimination.

For more detailed information go to “Who can I go to for advice & information?” scroll down to ‘Excellent online resources’ and then to ‘Disclosing disability in Employment’.

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