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How Do I Apply for Medical Cover?

  • Under most travel insurance policies, you can get medical and disability cover for injuries and illnesses that happen during your trip.
  • Under some travel insurance policies, you can also get some medical and disability cover for your pre-existing disabilities.
  • If you have not had any treatment or medication for disabilities in the seven days (or more) before you took out the policy, or if you provide a letter from your doctor and the insurer thinks you are an acceptable risk, you may be able to get cover for medical and disability benefits for your pre-existing disabilities.
  • To get cover for your chronic illness, take the following steps:

Step 1

Ask your travel agent or check on-line if the travel insurance policy you have been offered or any other travel insurance policies provide medical and disability cover for your chronic illness.

Step 2

Check if the policy has a total exclusion for pre-existing injuries or illnesses. If it has, try another insurer.

Step 3

Check if the policy sets out types of pre-existing conditions that are covered or excluded.

Do any of the descriptions of conditions that are covered fit your disabilities?

If so, you may get medical and disability cover.

Step 4

Check the policy definition of ‘pre-existing condition’.

What is the period of time for which you must not have received medical treatment or medication?

Have you not received medical treatment or medication for your disabilities within the relevant period of time?

If so, you may get medical and disability cover for your disabilities.

However, check to see if there is a general exclusion for significant or serious pre-existing conditions. If so you may not be automatically covered.

Step 5

If you think you won’t get cover from the above, check if the policy has a health questionnaire.

If so fill in the questionnaire.

Also get a certificate from your doctor about your health and whether you are not a significant risk of needing medical care or hospital treatment on your trip.

Send the form into the insurer.

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