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Preparing for Work Agreements

When making a Preparing for Work Agreement for you, Centrelink must consider

  • your education, experience and skills
  • your age and physical condition
  • the number and type of jobs available in your area
  • the training opportunities available
  • any other factors relevant to your circumstances.

Centrelink cannot require you to do any of the following

  • be involved in an illegal activity
  • be involved in the sex or adult entertainment industry
  • be involved in an illegal discriminatory or occupational health and safety activity
  • participate in activities outside Australia
  • involuntarily undergo any medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment
  • be involved in an activity that medical evidence indicates would aggravate your illness, disability or injury, or where appropriate support or facilities are not available to take account of your illness, disability or injury.

When making a Preparing for Work Agreement

  • you have the right to take a friend or advocate with you to the interview
  • Centrelink must arrange an interpreter for you if needed
  • Centrelink must explain the agreement to you before asking you to sign it
  • you have the right to think about the agreement for 5 working days before signing it.

When signing a Preparing for Work Agreement, do not agree to do anything you know you cannot do.

You should appeal a Preparing for Work Agreement if you are not satisfied that it will help you.

If a Preparing for Work Agreement is no longer suitable for you, it is important that you contact Centrelink and ask for a new agreement.

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