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Best Practice Framework 2016


Welcome to the Chronic Illness Alliance Best Practice Framework in Peer Support!


Best practice is generally defined as the methods  that consistently produce results consistently superior to those achieved with other means. Using our Framework offers a guide to setting up and running peer support, whether this is a face to face community group, an on-line group or one conducted through social media. It also aims to help people new to the concepts of peer support to avoid some of the pitfalls and to find ways to ensure their group continues. It is not meant to take away individual creativity. After all, what makes peer support work for members is that every group has its own identity!

This Framework is part of a suite of resources which includes the Peer Leadership on-Line Training (PLOT) Program and a tool to assist support groups evaluate their contribution to members’ well-being. Go to http://www.peerleadersonlinetraining.net/  for more information.