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Superannuation and Insurance

NEW! Changes from 1st July 2019 to superannuation affecting insurance. Read on and retain insurance on your super

Contents of this section

All the superannuation and insurance material contained in this section was prepared by John Berrill from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

Disclaimer: These information sheets were prepared in January 2014. it is only a guide to legal, superannuation and financial issues and is not a substitute for professional advice in these areas.

  1. Why it is very important to get good advice before resigning or leaving work
  2. What is my Superannuation?
  3. What If Superannuation Contributions Aren’t Paid?
  4. When Can I Get My Superannuation?
  5. Superannuation Disability Benefits
  6. Superannuation Death Benefits
  7. Insurance Disability Benefits
  8. Government Superannuation Funds
  9. How Can I Get New Insurance Or Superannuation?
  10. Superannuation/Insurance and Centrelink
  11. Who can I go to for Advice and More Information?
  12. Glossary of Terms
  13. Case studies
  14. Superannuation for couples facing breakups