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This page contains reports and updates about current Chronic Illness Alliance Inc. campaigns and activities.

2017-2018 Annual Report Final

A survey of rural patients who drive to Melbourne’s public hospitals: why VPTAS needs reform

Access to parking at Melbourne’s public hospitals. 

Conducted in 2012, this report is based on a survey of CIA members’ use of public hospital car parking in Melbourne. It demonstrates that some people have difficulty meeting the cost of parking and that it is hard to access parking concessions.

The Australian Epilepsy Longitudinal Survey. Report from Wave 2 ‘Out of the Shadows’ 2010

This report provides information on the social impact of epilepsy on individuals with epilepsy and their families. The research is repeated every three years with the aim of showing the long-term effects of living with epilepsy.

Peer Support for Chronic and Complex Conditions Literature Review

This literature review examines the evidence for the effectiveness of peer support in international literature. It also describes the models of peer support which are used in the English-speaking world.

Multiple Conditions Working Group Report

In August 2007, the Committee of Management of the Chronic Illness Alliance in Australia recognised that many people have more than one chronic illness; that when a person has one chronic illness they may be at greater risk of developing other chronic illnesses.  Additionally people with chronic illnesses are more likely to suffer adverse events and medical errors because they have greater contact with the health system than others requiring acute care.  The possibility of error and adverse events increases if a person has more than one condition.

Fixing the healthcare system

Authored by Dr Alexandra Wyke, CEO of PatientView, Fixing the Healthcare System, is an Economist Intelligence Unit white paper, developed for Philips and its new Inside Health website. The white paper’s findings are drawn from a global survey of health professionals.

Helping people on the Mornington Peninsula manage their chronic conditions effectively

An indepth exploration of consumer needs by the Chronic Illness Alliance on behalf of Peninsula Health 2009.

Policy and epilepsy in Australia

This report was undertaken by the Chronic Illness Alliance on behalf of the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria. The report discusses the absence of epilepsy in government policies and the implications for people with epilepsy, including the areas of discrimination, employment, welfare and education. The report contains recommendations to redress the imbalance this absence in government policies has created.

Researching the personal impact of epilepsy

This report was undertaken by the Chronic Illness Alliance and the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria.  It is the result of a consultation with people with epilepsy, their families and carers on how research could improve their lives.  People with epilepsy argued they would like research undertaken to inform community awareness programs since community ignorance was a major impediment to their full participation in their communities. The report discusses the social exclusion of people with epilepsy in Australian communities.

Costs of Chronic Illness in Rural and Regional Victoria

This report covers a survey of the health-related costs for households in rural and regional Victoria in 2003. It’s findings suggest that many households where there are members with chronic illnesses live in chronic poverty.

Developing a Shared Definition of Chronic Illness

The aim of this project was to develop a consistent definition of chronic illness among stakeholders in the health system.  The resulting report “Developing a shared definition of Chronic Illness”, was prepared by the Chronic Illness Alliance and Melbourne University’s Department of General Practice.

Superannuation and Standards of Living in Retirement

The Chronic Illness Alliance and the Neurological Alliance in conjunction with Maurice Blackburn Cashman have made a “submission to the Senate Select Committee on Superannuation and Financial Services”, arguing the need for a review of superannuation laws in regard to people with disabilities and chronic illness.

“Findings” Report Concession Card for People with Chronic Illness

The “FINDINGS” report published here in Acrobat (pdf) format summarises the Chronic Illness Alliance’s report entitled “A Concession Card For People With Chronic Illness”. This report contains case studies on how people with chronic illness cope on limited incomes. It argues that if people with chronic illness had timely help, that was not income-based, but based on their needs, they would be better able to participate in their communities.

The Chronic Illness Alliance thanks the Stegley Foundation for its support for people with chronic illness in this campaign.