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Recent changes to medical decision-making laws and advance care directives

Medical decision making laws changed 12 March 2018. For further information go to Office Of Public Advocate 

The Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act allows for new advance care directive

Considering medicinal cannabis?

If you or the person you care for, considers medicinal cannabis to assist with relief of various symptoms then reading this will help with information on the risks and benefits, as well as which type of medicinal cannabis is most appropriate. READ ON!


Don’t keep unwanted/out of date medicines in your cupboards and drawers. Send them to RUM!

Unwanted or out of date medicines left in your cupboards and drawers at home are dangerous. They can be administered accidentally, picked up by children or confused with another medicine. Neither should you dispose of them in the rubbish or flush them down the toilet, as they will affect the environment.

It’s easy to dispose to dispose of them safely. Just take them to the nearest pharmacy. Every pharmacy has a RUM (Return of Unwanted Medicines) bin. Read about it here ! 

Medicine List Plus

Page last updated: 28/12/2017



Scan medicines, set reminders, create profiles, manage tests, manage conditions, find medicines, emergency contacts!!!!

Please be aware of unproven remedies using stem cells


Marketing of Unproven Stem Cell-Based Interventions: A Call to Action. This new publication provides important evidence on the risks of unproven stem cell thertherpaies

Here is a report handed down by NSW Coroner on the death of a patient with dementia following adipose-treatment at Macquarie Stem Cells:


This report calls for ‘legal protection against the exploitation of severely and chronically ill people by purveyors of scientifically dubious “therapies” and that it is ‘disturbing that he (and presumably others) would market this “experimental” or “innovative” therapy for profit to vulnerable and desperate people in the full knowledge both that there is little scientific support for the “therapy” in relation to dementia and that he is not conducting a clinical trial of any scientific standing or worth. The obvious potential for the providers of such purported remedies and therapies to exploit such consumers is great and therefore troubling. So too is the potential conflict of interest between the principle of harm minimisation and commercial medicine.’

Background Briefing on ABC Radio National featured a story on autologous stem cell treatment in Australia.