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Further Resources

Organisations, including services and resources available

Thyroid Australia aims to provide information, education, and support to people living with or affected by thyroid disorders. Services include information, community education, support groups, and (eventually) research.

Thyroid Australia Ltd
PO Box 2575
Fitzroy Delivery Centre VIC 3065

Phone: (03) 9561 2483 (10am – 3pm Mon-Fri)
Fax: (03) 9561 4798 (10am – 3pm Mon-Fri)
Email Address: support@thyroid.org.au
Internet Address: http://www.thyroid.org.au

Helpful Resources and Websites

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H Jack Baskin MD, How Your Thyroid Works, 4th ed. (Adams Press, Chicago) 1995. – http://www.thyrolink.com/patients/infoeng/baskin.html

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Thyroid Australia – www.thyroid.org.au

British Thyroid Foundation – www.btf-thyroid.org

Hypoparathyroidism Association (USA) – www.hypoparathyrodism.org

The MAGIC Foundation for Children’s Growth (USA) – www.magicfoundation.org

National Graves’ Disease Foundation (USA) – www.ngdf.org

ThyCa: The Thyroid Cancer Survivor’s Association (USA) – www.thyca.org

Thyroid Federation International – www.thyroid-fed.org/home.html

Thyroid Foundation of America – www.allthyroid.org

Thyroid Foundation of Canada – www.thyroid.ca